We want to help young people play the game of their lives

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Draw Date: 17-09-2019

About Football Beyond Borders

We work at schools and youth centres and use football as a tool for youth engagement to tackle the root causes of low educational attainment, poor school attendance and challenging behaviour. We take a young person’s passion for football and deliver weekly sessions to develop core skills and abilities, provide self esteem, direction and a sense of belonging,and ultimately positively transform their lives and enable them to become leaders in their community. We have created a football themed curriculum which promotes creativity and the development of literacy skills alongside media training, fundraising and events planning to supplement traditional learning within schools.

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FBB are raising money to provide a transformation space where young people can go to improve a wide range of skills such as cognitive learning. It’s a hub for our future generation to grow and stay out of trouble.

More info at www.footballbeyondborders.org

Football Beyond Borders:

Football Beyond Borders is an education charity which uses the power of football to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their goals and make their voices heard.
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We have an agreement with Football Beyond Borders that at the end of each month we will donate the amount of funds raised to the charity. This amount will be available on FBB’s social media platforms which you can view by liking their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.