How one company is reinventing the lottery

How one company is reinventing the lottery

Written by LottoSocial | Published on: 6 January 2017

Most people simply buy their tickets each week hoping the jackpot magically comes their way.

But hang on, this isn’t the only option! There is a lottery revolution taking place which seeks to make playing the lottery just one part of the winning experience – with plenty of added extras to keep players coming back for more. One such company is an online lottery service called Lotto Social.

Here’s how Lotto Social has reinvented the lottery:

Get more lines for the same price

We all know how expensive it’s become to play the EuroMillions – £2.50 for just one line! But play with Lotto Social and you can get 10 lines for just £2. This crazy value comes from the magic of lottery syndicates, an arrangement which involves sharing your lines with other players to get more lines and massively increase your winning chances. For example, the recent $420.9 million Powerball jackpot in the States was won by co-workers playing in a lottery syndicate.

The only way to increase your chances of winning the big one is to have more lines in the draw, and this is precisely what Lotto Social allows you to do.

Win something every draw

Coming away from a draw winning nothing is a depressing experience – with Lotto Social this is never the case. That’s because even when your numbers don’t come up, you’ll still get Reward Points that you can exchange for online games where you can win real money.

Ace games with real cash prizes!

Lotto Social is all about getting more chances to win, and their games offer exactly that. The odds of winning cash are far better than what you’d get playing the National Lottery’s online games, and all games are completely free for members to play. There’s a really wide variety of skill based games, so whether it’s shoot em ups or solving anagrams – all tastes are catered for, and all games have cash prizes!

Luxury prize giveaways every month

As well as Reward Points and free games, where Lotto Social really comes into its own is with its #MillionaireMoments prize draws, where we, the would-be millionaires, can win a taste of that elusive millionaire lifestyle. Past prizes include Helicopter rides, Porsche driving days, up-market cocktail making at Gordon Ramsay’s and spa days at celeb hang out Champneys.

With all these extras to keep you in the winning mood, even if your numbers don’t come up you’ll still feel like a winner!

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