Lottery Syndicates


Increase your chances of winning the lottery by signing up for a lottery syndicate online today! Form a syndicate with friends or set up a lottery syndicate agreement with other Lotto Social users for multi-million draws around the world, including Lotto and Euromillions.


Read on for more information about how lottery syndicates work, and how they can help you win big!

What is a lottery syndicate?


A lottery syndicate is an alternative way of entering a lottery draw, which allows players to purchase multiple tickets with groups of people. Usually these are arranged between groups of friends or work colleagues, but through Lotto Social, you can enter a lottery syndicate online with other users on our site.


Each syndicate creates its own lottery syndicate agreement, entitling entrants to buy as many tickets as they wish, and share any winnings proportionally to how many tickets they purchased. This means that, even if just one person’s ticket wins, everyone in the syndicate will benefit.
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Starting a lottery syndicate with friends or family


You should formalise a lottery syndicate agreement between all participants. This will establish your personal lottery syndicate rules, including who will manage the group and make or collect any payments from everyone.


You should also determine in advance which lottos you will enter, and how many tickets each member wishes to buy. There have been numerous examples of lottery syndicate groups falling out and eventually going to court over missed payments, or even running away with the entire syndicate’s winnings. Consequently, making sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to how you run your lottery syndicate is the best way to make the game fun for everyone.
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What is the size of a lottery syndicate on Lotto Social?


Lotto Social specifies no minimum limit, though obviously we would recommend starting a lottery syndicate with enough people to sufficiently increase your chances of winning. This is also why we allow no more than 49 players in a syndicate, so that in the event of a big payout, everyone gets a shot at winning a large amount of money.

Are lottery syndicates legal?


At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that online lottery syndicates are a sneaky way of gaming the system of any lottery draw. This preconception couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, many major lottery draws encourage forming a lottery syndicate, and provide assistance on ways to get started.


The main legal concern for anyone creating or joining a lottery syndicate should be deciding on the rules within the syndicate.

How do I join a lottery syndicate on Lotto Social?


Joining a lottery syndicate through Lotto Social couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply choose the draw you wish to enter, and how many tickets you’d like to buy, and go to the checkout. You can choose to enter our lottery syndicates with friends or form a group with any number of our users. With Lotto Social, it’s never been easier or more convenient to set up a lottery syndicate!

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