Get Safe Online

Handy Websites: Below is a list of websites which may be able to provide further information on security and any related scams. Please note Lotto Social is not responsible for any information contained in these websites: Anti-Phishing Working Group APACS – Association of Payment Clearing

Useful tips and security policy descriptions

Our Lotto Security Systems: When logging into your Lotto Social Members Area or entering credit card details you are first taken to a secure session. This means that your personal information will be encrypted using industry standard 128 – bit secure Socket layer (SSL) before it leaves your PC so that nobody else can read it. The Members Area is automatically logged out after 15 minutes of non activity just in case you have forgotten to log out and thereby reduce the risk of another person accessing your information. Please remember, Lotto Social will never ask you to send us your personal information via email and our customer care team will not have access to your full password at anytime.

Your PC Security

Below are some useful tips to help protect your PC: Always keep your operating system and web browser up-to-date. Every so often the manufacturers of these software components will issue “patches” to correct any problems that may be occurring. Please make sure you visit their website and check for the updates. Please make sure you use a personal firewall and anti-virus software to prevent any unauthorised access to your PC when you are on the Internet. Do not download any software if you aren’t sure of its source – including websites which prompt you to click ‘yes’ or ‘OK’ to run a program or install a browser plug-in. Also be wary of any emails or files sent to you ending .exe, .pif or .vbs. If you receive such emails then delete immediately.