Just Talk

Just Talk

10 Points

For our charity of the month scheme we are giving £1000 to charity this month And we are letting you vote with your reward points to decide where it goes.
Just Talk
Vote with your reward points here if you'd like to see more of the money go to Just Talk. You can also choose to vote for Stick 'n' Step.
When you vote, we will send you a text to say thank you, and at the end of the month we will split up the £1000 according to how many people pledged towards each charity.


Vote with 10 (or more) Reward Points to help give much needed support to the victims of the recent Just Talk. Find out more here.

What’s this big chart all about?

Good question! Every time you use your Reward Points to vote you will shift the percentage on the pie chart towards your chosen cause.

At the end of the month we’ll split up the £1000 donation according to which way you guys voted.

Check out Stick ‘n’ Step.