Lucky colours

4.29 out of 5

100 Points

Unlock your £50 prize by completing this finger tapping classic game! Unlock £1 and £2 cash prizes along the way as well!

Product Description

Navigate the course and win a top prize of £50!

There’s a whole rainbow of colours on display in this game. And with a top prize of £50, there’s a pot of gold at the end too!

Some useful tips:

  1. Patience is a virtue! Bide your time and wait for the right moment to try and clear an obstacle.
  2. The shapes spin quicker for every level you clear, so you’ll need to refine your skills to get to that top prize
  3. You only have a set amount of moves per play, so be careful!
  4. There are prizes of £1 and £2 as you play.
  5. Beat level 20 to take home the top prize of £50.

7 reviews for this item

  1. (verified owner)


  2. (verified owner)

    This is soo addictive

  3. (verified owner)

    It’s ok a bit slow but soon speeds up once use to it. Will update in z few day

  4. (verified owner)

    a prettry good game quite challenging at times thought

  5. (verified owner)

    What a game so addictive so close but so far

  6. (verified owner)


  7. (verified owner)

    Nice game

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