Top EuroMillions Syndicate Winners Of All Time

The EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, with jaw-dropping jackpots of £100M plus!


Playing in a lottery syndicate increases your chances of winning & can be a lot of fun. Uniting with other players, keeping ticket costs down & sharing the excitement of winning big together is the dream!


Take a look at how the biggest EuroMillions syndicate wins stack up!

Biggest EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate Winners


It certainly was the luck of the Irish, when a family from Ireland managed to win a mega £154M jackpot, making it the largest prize ever to be claimed by a EuroMillions syndicate in history!

Source: BBC

The family found it hard to believe that they were jackpot winners! One of the members said:


“I heard on the RTE news that there was a win in Ireland and I caught the last three numbers. I checked the rest of the numbers online. I was numb.”


She went on to say: “It took a bit of convincing everybody that we had won.”


The National Lottery say: “Syndicates win 1 in 5 top game prizes.” You’re probably wondering how previous EuroMillion Syndicates got on in the past, here’s a table to show you just that…

Date Syndicate Jackpot
2019 Irish Family Syndicate £154M
2017 The Irish Lottery Syndicate €88.5M
2018 The Manilva Syndicate €88M
2014 Anonymous Irish Syndicate €86.7M
2016 Davies Family Syndicate £61M
2018 Dublin Family Syndicate £38.9M
2012 Bus Driver Syndicate £38M
2012 Kirkby Syndicate £28M

What Is A EuroMillions Syndicate?


A EuroMillions syndicate is a group of players that play the lottery together with the prize money being shared between those within the group, usually overlooked by a syndicate agreement form.


Much like a receipt, a EuroMillions syndicate agreement would act as your proof of purchase, ensuring that everything is crystal clear for those involved in the syndicate, whilst also keeping tabs on contributions per draw & winnings that need to be shared.


A famous US attorney, Jason Kurland who represents lottery winners states:


“Everyone dreams about winning the lottery, but nobody actually thinks they are going to win it, so nobody acts as if they are handling a $500M transaction. Would you handle a $500M transaction with a handshake? Or trusting a coworker? Of course you wouldn’t.”


“You have to treat this as a real half a billion dollar transaction.”

Do You Need A Syndicate Agreement For The Lottery?


If you’re planning to play with your coworkers, friends or family then as suggested above, it is best to have a EuroMillions syndicate form just to keep track of the comings & goings of your syndicate.

How Can You Be A Lottery Syndicate Winner?


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So imagine if there were to be a £49M+ jackpot, you would still be walking away a millionaire, and probably more, especially during the Super Jackpot period where jackpots hit all-time highs of £100M+.


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